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Keep up on release dates and updates using the OnlyStream Discord Server.

Under 18?

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Don't worry if you are under 18, we have an APP for you too! Check out our sister company; 

LypStar 💋🌟

LypStar also has a 13+ discord server, but remember that even users under 13+ can use LypStar and the LypStar Discord Server with parental permission (form located on the LypStar website).


Go LIVE Now!

Go LIVE immediately upon downloading the app. No hoops to jump through, no tasks to complete, just create an account and start live streaming to a global audience.

Enjoy Live Streaming on your own, with a friend, or even with a group (coming soon). Invite your friend, or friends, to live stream with you.

only stream live streaming short videos updates often because it is a new live stream app onlystream

Need more action? No problem! Try your hand at a live streaming PK battle (coming soon). Here you can compete with other live streaming users to earn the most coins while head to head.

For a more private conversation try using our video chat feature (coming soon). You can chat with friends 1-on-1 or in a small group away from public view.

Create and post promotional videos on your profile letting your fanbase know when you'll be going live. This has shown to greatly increase your viewer counts.


More than just a place to live stream, OnlyStream offers a powerful video recorder, effects and filters to help you standout,  and a great upload feature making it simple to migrate your short form video content from other social media platforms you may use.

Once you create your original content, or upload your short videos from another social media platform, your video will be shown to users all around the world. This is how you can quickly grow your fanbase as users like, comment, and send gifts directly from your video clips.

Make sure that you join our OnlyStream Discord Server to learn about ways you can become a VERIFIED USER*. This advantage will allow your short form videos to be prioritized, it will place an identification badge (or icon) on your profile page, and more!

onlystream live streaming and short videos onlyfans discord server

* Users that are verified on other social media platforms are NOT automatically approved for verified user status.


Choose between scrolling thru 1000s of short form videos or viewing live streams from around the globe. Hours of entertainment right at your fingertips.

The more people you invite to the OnlyStream App the more your fanbase will grow! Make sure you join the official discord server to participate in invitation rewards programs when available.


Eventually we hope to have a place for musical artists to directly upload (or rename) audio clips, but until that time if you'd like to have your music profiled on the OnlyStream App please join the OnlyStream Discord Server for more information.

We love all genres of music here at OnlyStream - Live Streaming & Short Videos and want to help talented musicians be heard by as many people as possible. For this reason we want to encourage all musicians to reach out to the OnlyStream staff on discord so we can help you to reach your goals.